Flexible Reporting with RMsis

Users desire flexibility in reporting, which meets their own Project and Organizational needs. RMsis provides custom reporting feature from version 1.5.0 onwards. This simple yet powerful feature can cover almost 90% of the reporting needs for most users. A preview of the same is provided in this presentation.

Validating Requirements

The testing functionality provided in RMsis helps users to specify test cases as well as to monitor execution within and across test cycles.

As a core functionality, system provides functionality to establish traceability of test cases with

  • Requirements
  • Releases
  • Issues

Documentation available at Requirement Validation

Key Challenges in Release Management

A product manager constantly struggles with two key questions

  • Out of the entire set of open requirements, how much of backlog can go into the next release? For many reasons this should be as realistic as possible.
  • In a dynamic environment, when to declare that a release is ready for shipping?

RMsis provides an answer with few crisply defined views...

Life Cycle of Requirement

In this presentation, we walk through the lifecycle of a requirement in RMsis; right from the point of it's creation to the release.

It gives you a sequential view of the Requirement Management functionality available in RMsis.

Installing RMsis

Get a view of the major steps involved in installing RMsis. Since RMsis installation process has evolved significantly with v.1.3.0, there are two parts in the presentation:

  • GUI driven installation process, since v.1.3.0
  • Installation process for older versions. The process for v.1.2.x is detailed out, but the earlier versions have only minor differences with this one.

Detailed documentation is available at RMsis Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Versioning, Branching and Baseline

This presentation demonstrates a complex case of managing multiple versions of a requirement within a release as well as across releases.

Documentation is available at Requirement Versions, Baseline and History.

Requirement Baselining

An overview of Baseline Functionality in RMsis is presented here. Among other things, this presentation explains the two modes of creating a Baselinein RMsis

  • the iterative method of Marking Requirements
  • and immediate method, where all the selected requirements are baselined with one user action,

Documentation is available at Requirement Versions, Baseline and History.