What is RMsis?
RMsis for JIRA is an enterprise class application, and used world over by 500+ Customers. You should consider RMsis if you are looking for a solution against any of the following challenges:
  • Managing moderate to large number of Requirements emerging from different sources
  • Establishing and managing baselines to enforce agreements between multiple stakeholders
  • Managing evolution of Requirements
  • Establishing, documenting and publishing forward and reverse traceability between Requirements as well as other artifacts
  • Ensuring contract compliance in large and complex contracts
RMsis provides ability to:
  • Define a flexible information model
  • Create, elaborate, analyze and manage your requirements
  • Create requirement baselines, versions and branches
  • Establish cross project dependencies between Requirements
  • Manage real time requirement traceability with JIRA artifacts and test cases
  • Plan and manage your key milestones and product releases
  • Manage Requirements validation process

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